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Mandatory Mediation Continues Today, Whooptie-do.

Well, mandatory mediation between the NFL and NFLPA* restarts today, but I wouldn't really expect anything out of it. If Judge Doty had laid down a ruling from the bench on the money case, where he's still determining what damages will be dolled out, maybe you'd have concessions. Right now, it seems like a waiting game on both sides. The temporary stay is still in effect, and it's doubtful it gets lifted. There's no point really, as the expedited appeal begins on June 3rd.

Right now, both sides are just posturing for leverage. The 8th circuit court of appeals is in wait mode while Judge Doty is also in wait mode, in regards to dealing out financial damages to the owners over the TV case in which he ruled they negotiated in bad faith. Until either one of those rulings has... well a ruling, neither side has any more leverage than before, so it's doubtful any concessions will be made before June 3rd. It's no guarantee anything will happen on or around June 3rd, either. As long as something happens before around Mid-July however, everything should be fine.

The only thing that's really been missed so far, under a normal off-season schedule, is some OTA's, mini-camp, and team scheduled workouts. Last off-season, the Jacksonville Jaguars had mini-camp on May 1st-3rd. It consisted of 3 practices, all very light and with just helmets.

Up to this point last year, there would be no OTA days missed yet. OTA's in 2010 started on May 17, and only consisted of 14 total "practices" through the end of June. Really however, OTA's are super light practices run in only helmets.

Until training camp is actually threatened, there's not much to really be concerned about with "missed" time, even for someone like Blaine Gabbert and learning the new offense. OTA's and mini-camp are beyond light work. If you remember, the Jaguars mini-camps got cut short as well, due to a complaint filed to the NFLPA for them being "too strenuous".