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What's the point of mediation?

As I mentioned earlier today, the NFL and NFLPA* will be entering into court mandating mediation. What's the point of mediation however, if one side enters already of the mindset that nothing will get done?

"We'd like to make progress, but it'll be hard to do. We have to wait to see what happens June 3," Pittsburgh Steelers president Art Rooney II told's Albert Breer when he entered the courthouse today. How much "progress" can you really make if you want to wait and see what happens a month from now? What kind of progress will you make? Both sides ordering lunch from the same deli?

Cut this Mickey Mouse mediation show already. What's the point of "court ordered" mediation if it's obvious nothing will get accomplished? Isn't that a mockery of the court? It's just more billable hours of fruitless sitting in a room. Nothing will be accomplished today or tomorrow. Both sides are essentially just going to sit and stare at each other and make the same tired statements they've made for months now. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was worried that both sides would wind up alienating the fans...

Well guess what's already happened Mr. Kraft?