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Around the AFC South 5/16/11

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After a refreshing and much needed weekend, here's all the links for our division on day 66 of the lockout. Surprisingly, news is still plentiful, at least after a weekend.

Tennessee Titans

Jake Locker is already knee deep in his playbook and is taking advantage of the time to practice every day, The Tennessean reports.

Breakout star defensive end Jason Babin is keeping busy while his workouts, and future with the Titans, remain in question with no contract negotiations. 

Houston Texans

Defensive end Mario Williams was ranked #71 in the NFL Network's Top 100 player rankings. Be mindful that these are current players in the NFL, not all time, a list I don't think Williams has made quite yet.

The push for the Texans to aggressively contact free agent All-pro corner Nnamdi Asomugha continues. John Clayton of ESPN said, "Signing Asomugha is a no-brainer."  Of course, every team will be showing interest, but the question is, are the Texans and the reports a smokescreen or are the Texans ready to fix that troubled secondary? 

Indianapolis Colts

The always outspoken Bill Polian notes that the lockout has prevented the Colts from being aggressive in signing undrafted free agents.