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Hard Knocks? Yes Please!

Earlier today, Paul Kuharsky of ESPN was wondering if there was a "Hard Knocks" candidate among the teams of the AFC South. He came to the conclusion that the Texans would be the best fit amongst the teams of the division, but he also said, "The Jaguars would make for compelling TV." Am I in agreement? Yes I am, and frankly, I want to see it.

Jack Del Rio is entering what could be his final year as the Jaguars' head coach. While the term "playoffs or bust" isn't completely accurate or fair, it is, as Kuharsky says, "compelling."

Jack Del Rio can be a dominant personality. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than

the New York Jets and Rex Ryan. HIs personality fit perfectly with the show, and it made for great television. The Jaguars offer a much different dynamic.

There could be a quarterback controversy heating up in Jacksonville. On top of that, the defense has a developing front four, but the secondary has a lot of room for improvement. On top of all that, it would put Jacksonville on the national stage (something many people have been complaining about for a very, very long time). Let's all cross our fingers and hope for the best. I don't really expect to see the Jaguars on HBO later this year, but it would be so much fun if I did.