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Around the AFC South 5/17/11

As the mundane events of the week start to set in on a Tuesday, I'll keep you going strong with your links for the day. At least you can seem productive to the naked eye.

Tennessee Titans

Former RB Eddie George has been elected to College Football Hall of Fame. He really left his legacy with the Titans, not Ohio State, but nevertheless, it is a commendable honor. A Heisman Trophy always helps. Never have I seen a running back with more will power in the last 20 years, routinely breaking multiple tackles only to carry a few linebackers into the end zone for fun. Other than the Music City Miracle, the Titans rode George's back all the way to the Super Bowl.

Indianapolis Colts

Chris Polian, the Colts' VP and GM, comments on the scouting that goes in before drafting a quarterback. They can still bask in the glory of taking a no-brainer in Peyton Manning #1 overall in 1998. I guess the search for the next in line for Manning to hand the reigns to will be an issue addressed in the coming years.

Houston Texans

Jake Langenkamp of the Houston Chronicle breaks down the depth chart on the defensive side of the ball for the Texans. Very useful in trying to sort through the rubble and smokescreens to look at what they have now: a young, but unproven, defense.

At this point, if you're really looking for something to do, take a stab at ranking the NFL's helmets from 32 to 1 and decide who really does have the coolest helmet that perfectly embodies that team. You can tell ESPN writers are as stuck with the lack of news as we are. My take? I'd go with the Steelers helmet for the sake of the helmet only adding on to the legend that when I see it, all black with the yellow stripe on it, I just think of bone-crushing hits and championships. I'd put the Jaguars second with that original sun glow on it that makes the teal shine through all other colors on the field.