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2011 NFL Draft Grades: SBNation says "Solid Job, Jaguars"

While typically draft grades are silly, I like the ones that typically does. Not just because they're my employer, but because I know who writes them and I know he does his research. Also, they gave the Jacksonville Jaguars a favorable grade in their 2011 NFL Draft Grades and that goes a long way. I'm easily bought.

Jacksonville Jaguars: B
Moving up six slots to take Blaine Gabbert and stash him behind David Garrard for a year or two was a low-risk, high-reward decision. Their next two picks - both from small schools - look smart, as well, as guard Will Rackley and receiver Cecil Shorts are serious talents that should develop into starters. The only problem here is that the Jaguars still don't have that stud pass rusher that they need to harass the likes of Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub. Otherwise, job well done.

 Kudos to Brian Galliford for actually knowing who Will Rackley and Cecil Shorts III are, as most don't.