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Friday Thought Drop

Getty Images for NASCAR

It's Friday again. Not a whole lot happened this week in the world of football. How about the Jacksonville Sharks though? They're now 8-1, and they sit atop the ACS! Since we may not be seeing much NFL action this Fall (although I'm still optimistic we will), let's throw our support behind the Sharks. Let's get this thing done.

News has ground to a halt in the NFL. Analysis has taken over as the king of NFL entertainment. My personal favorite has been top 10 lists. They're just so much fun.

I'm hoping to get out and golf at some point this weekend. It's a good way to get rid of an afternoon.

Did I also mention that the Sharks' record is also the best in the AFL. I'm smelling an Arena Bowl victory.

I've taken up NASCAR games as well as Madden games to pass the time. It's so much fun.

The Colts continue to be super-secretive about their player-led workouts. I don't see the big deal, but the Indy Star has made it a giant deal in the Indianapolis area.

The Colts may benefit more than any other team with their player-led workouts. Is there any doubt that Manning is the man running the offense. I'm not sure how much the OC actually does on game day, but I could be way off.

The Jaguars, on the other hand, don't seem to be engineering a well formed workout plan. That's okay in my mind though. I don't think there's a whole lot in the way of benefits to be had through them anyway.

Can't miss sports:

  • Jacksonville Sharks @ Georgia Force, Sat. 7:35 PM
  • Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, Sat. 9:00 PM
  • Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat, Sun. 8:30 PM
  • Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks, Fri. 9:00 PM
  • Boston Bruins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning, Sat. 1:30 PM
  • NASCAR Showdown, Sat. 7:30 PM
  • NASCAR All-Star Race, Sat. 9:00 PM

That's all I've got folks. Have a great weekend!