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Around the AFC South 5/23/11

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An extremely light day in the world of the AFC South. Here's about everything there is today. I'll try my hand in some more editorials soon. Enjoy!

Tennessee Titans

Fourth round draft pick, running back Jamie Harper is having a tough time learning the offense without the most important learning tool: a playbook. It's sad that the rulings smack in the middle of the draft cause it to be a case of some players having playbooks, while others do not.

A completely revamped Titans coaching staff, complete with a new head coach, offensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator, is having a tough time as they evaluate players and the team, but can't make any changes while the "no contact" rule is in effect with the lockout.

Houston Texans

Head Coach Gary Kubiak is feeling the heat as he bides his time, constantly working hard to better his team, while sitting around waiting for the lockout to end, similar to many coaches. I think he's on the hot seat this year, even though he has helped this team made strides, he needs to prove he's the guy that can put them in the playoffs and beyond, or owner Bob McNair will find someone else too quickly.

Indianapolis Colts

Our fellow Sports Blog Nation writers at Stamped Blue are seeing a changing of the guard as its becoming apparent that the age of GM Chris Polian's rule is upon us. No one will forget the impact that Bill Polian had on that organization the last twelve years, taking them from zeros to Super Bowl Champions. No one will ever forget that he pulled the trigger on drafting Manning #1 overall, as well as his recent success in finding contributors. Their Super Bowl victory over the bears featured the likes of Joseph Addai, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Bob Sanders, as well as many others, all drafted by the team. Polian built this team around the draft, and everyone developed their full potential at the same time, culminating in a great franchise during Bill Polian's tenure.