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Jaguars' Low Key Off-Season is Fine By Me

We've heard tidbits and morsels coming out of various NFL seasons about their respective teams' off-season activities (player-led of course), but I have no problem with not hearing a whole lot out of the Jaguars and their off-season. The fact of the matter is that isn't any fine-tuning going on anywhere but Indianapolis (darn them and their super-secretive workouts). Manning is as close to an on-field coach as you can get, and they will likely benefit from their workouts more than most.

The Jaguars, on the other hand, don't have an on-field coach. Nobody is standing up saying, "David Garrard will be on the exact same page as his receivers all the time." In fact, Peyton Manning isn't always on the same page as his receivers. With that in mind, how much can really be accomplished without coaches present?

The answer to the above question is, of course, not a whole lot. Sure, players can run plays that they know, and the quarterback can work on his timing, but they don't know what exactly the coaches plan on doing in terms of off-season changes.

Let's look at the Texans. They're in the middle of changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Do you think that Mario Williams knows exactly what he's doing? No. The primary goal of these player-led workouts is to stay in shape and sharp. These workouts aren't structured the same as OTAs led by coaches, and they shouldn't be.

The best teams in 2011 will be the teams that are self-motivated by their players. There's no doubt in my mind that the Jaguars are staying in shape, and they all want to win on the next level. The Jags are a young team, and they've been knocking at the door of the playoffs late in the season two years in a row only to fall short. There's simply no doubt that they want to blast open that door, and I'm sure they're doing what they can to be ready once the lockout ends.

So, when you here on ESPN that a team is holding player organized workouts, don't worry. The workouts aren't all that important. Each group of players has their own way of dealing with the workout, and the Jaguars should be just fine once the lockout ends.