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Around the AFC South 5/24/11

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Happy birthday to my mom! Some very interesting stories today that can help you develop an opinion of just how the AFC South will stack up this season. It's going to be a competitive division this coming season.

Tennessee Titans

Gary Graves of The USA Today writes a great article analyzing questions the Titans must address. Such important issues addressed include the transition to new head coach Mike Munchak, the decision to re-sign veteran Kerry Collins, and the offensive potential of this team with a new offensive coordinator. In my opinion, signing Kerry Collins back onto the team should be a major priority. His veteran presence is needed, as a transition to Jake Locker will require some mentoring from a veteran, even if it only be a one year contract. Collins know the offense well and did pretty well for being in his mid-30's. He's a far-cry from his former self when he led the Giants to the Super Bowl in what seems a decade ago, but he is clearly needed as a veteran presence when the other two QB's left on the team are Chris Simms and Rusty Smith.

Indianapolis Colts

Our friends over in Stampede Blue explain why between Pierre Garcon, Anthony Gonzalez, and Austin CollieAustin Collie is the most reliable of the three and should start opposite Reggie Wayne. What stuck out to me is the insane 82% of balls thrown to him he caught. When compared to the other two, Collie trumps all. I'm pulling for the man that can't seem to shake being hit over the middle to the point that he might build a streak of games concussed on his own. He's a small guy with a lot of guts.

Houston Texans

All-pro wideout Andre Johnson is pleading for the team to re-sign Pro Bowl Fullback Vonta Leach. In my opinion, he is a huge part of the Texans' much-needed success on the ground. He is a great lead blocker that just comes in and makes huge blocks to spring Arian Foster. Although the Colts have showed us before that you can run the ball effectively without a fullback (can you say stretch to Edgerrin James all day?) having a fullback who can help open wholes is extremely important to a team's offense.

Going off of this Jags linebacker Kirk Morrison recently presented Vonta Leach as the 65th best player in the NFL Network's Top 100 players of 2010.