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Around the AFC South 5/26/11

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A rather slow day in NFL news. Here's all the good stuff for our division this Thursday. Look out for an editorial tomorrow that will rock your world. Enjoy!

Houston Texans

Our friends over on Battle Red Blog argue why Jacoby Jones should or should not be resigned by the Texans once the lockout ends. Their main argument: he doesn't drop passes. I find Jones as a good slot receiver because his speed is usually a mismatch for nickel corners and he's not afraid to turn up the field once he catches a quick pass in the flat. In an offense that is pretty spread wide open with the usual weapons of Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels, and Kevin Walter,  Jacoby Jones provides a solid weapon for Schaub. Taking a page from the Saints' philosophy, you can never have too many weapons.

Indianapolis Colts

The NFL is starting to be wary of fan loyalty to the league as the lockout moves into the three month mark. The Colts' front office is reporting that ticket sales have not been affected and the season ticket renewal rate is still at the usual 96 percent. Goodell is reiterating to Colts fans that the Super Bowl will still be played at Lucas Oil Stadium no matter what. 

Tennessee Titans

Corner Cortland Finnegan is reaching out to his teammates to get higher numbers at workouts and to get the team to act as a collective to get everyone ready, not just some players. It's nice to see a player taking the lead, even if he got decked by Andre Johnson last year. I find Finnegan to be a menace at corner, not the best skill set, but gets inside players' heads on every play, run or pass. Andre was just the first to retaliate. 

The Titans' coaching staff is having a tough time planning around the lockout, and the loss of OTAs is forcing the staff to make some changes to their plans. The biggest loss they say: team chemistry. I believe that chemistry does play a role on teams, but I think that is a little overrated and I'd be more concerned with getting playbooks to players and making sure everyone has crisp fundamentals. I think this is happening with a lot of franchises, not just the TItans, and soon we'll be hearing about the constant changes by each coaching staff.