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Jacksonville Jaguars News 5/3

We'll try every day to give you guys the news on the Jacksonville Jaguars around the internet. It's the off-season for us, so any and all Jaguars information is going to be at a premium. But as you know, you can find everything you need on Big Cat Country. I have no shame.

Maurice Jones-Drew still believes in David Garrard |
Maurice Jones-Drew called into Sirius NFL Radio to talk Blaine Gabbert on Friday. The bottom line, as Jones-Drew put it, was David Garrard is still the Jaguars' quarterback and Gabbert will simply provide some competition.

Why didn't the Jaguars test the lifted lockout early last week? Player rep Rashean Mathis explains |
While NFL players all over America made a point Tuesday morning, going in their football facilities and seeing if they would be let in and allowed to work, the Jacksonville Jaguars stayed at home, for the most part. The only player who showed up on Tuesday, the day after U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson ruled in favor of the players and lifted the lockout (temporarily, it turned out), was defensive end Jeremy Mincey, who lives just a few blocks from EverBank Field.

2011 Free Agent Profile: DE - Charles Johnson - Panthers | May
The all-time franchise record for sacks in a single season for the Jaguars was set in 1999 by Tony Brackens when he tallied 12 sacks over the course of a 14-2 season. Last year the leader in sacks for the Jaguars was Jeremy Mincey who finished the season with five sacks, starting in eight games.

Catching Our Breath
We’ll spend the next few weeks on analyzing the draft, talking with coaches and personnel officials, and trying to see just how the Jaguars will approach the coming season – and yes, there will be a season -- now that the over-analyzed-yet-vitally-important process of procuring players from colleges is over for another year.

Jaguars fans should be thankful for the stay | Jaguars Blog
Most football fans took the temporary stay granted by the 8th Circuit Court to be a bad thing. Not at all. Actually, for the Jaguars, the stay is a very good thing. The Jaguars’ front office has said on multiple occasions that they will be looking to add not just talent, but probable starters in free agency. In fact, they’ve said they expect to sign anywhere from two to four starters in free agency. The fact that the Jaguars are looking to add so much talent in free agency is exactly why the stay is good for Jacksonville.