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A Stay of the Lockout Is Good And Bad for the Jaguars

The 8th district court could rule soon on a more permanent stay of the lockout while the case goes through the appeals process. A temporary stay was granted through draft weekend, but it's being re-evaluated right now. If the stay is not granted, it would immediately open up league transactions likely under 2010 NFL rules. A stay of the lockout is good for the Jacksonville Jaguars because it would make the likelihood of certain players would be unrestricted free agents instead of restricted free agents. It's also bad for the Jaguars because that puts OTA's and training camp in jeopardy, but it also inhibits ticket sales.

Part of the reason the stay is bad for the Jaguars is because it slows ticket sales. The renewal rate has been down for the Jaguars this season, and the main reason that is given for non-renewal is the lockout. People aren't ready to hand over money for a season that's in jeopardy no matter what the refund policy is. It's also bad for the Jaguars because it could significantly shorten the off-season program and the Jaguars have a rookie quarterback. While Blaine Gabbert doesn't have to play right away, it's pretty clear the front office and coaching staff do want to give him a chance to win the job. Without OTA's and training camp, his ability to do as such decreases by a significant margin.

The stay however also helps a team like the Jaguars in a way. The team has come out and said they plan to be aggressive in free agency to fill holes. There's a plethora of defensive backs and linebackers that could be availabe in free agency for the Jaguars... if the league doesn't operate under 2010 rules. Brad Hill over at devised a list of possible free agent targets if a new CBA is a reached and "typical" free agent rules are in effect.

  • CB Jonathan Joseph (Cincinnati)
  • DE Charles Johnson (Carolina)
  • LB Barrett Ruud (Tampa Bay)
  • LB Paul Posluszny (Buffalo)
  • CB Richard Marshall (Carolina)
  • LB James Anderson (Carolina)
  • LB Quincy Black (Tampa Bay)
  • S Michael Huff (Oakland)
  • DE Ray Edwards (Minnesota)
  • CB Antonio Cromartie (New York Jets)
  • WR Santonio Holmes (New York Jets)
  • LB D’Qwell Jackson (Cleveland)
  • DE Mark Anderson (Houston)
  • S Melvin Bullitt (Indianapolis)
  • S Eric Weddle (San Diego)
  • LB Clint Session (Indianapolis)
  • WR Sidney Rice (Minnesota)
  • DE Brian Robison (Minnesota)
  • DE Mathias Kiwanuka (New York Giants)
  • CB Dimitri Patterson (Philadelphia)
  • S Quintin Mikell (Philadelphia)
  • LB Manny Lawson (San Francisco)
  • DE Jacob Ford (Tennessee)
  • LB Stephen Tulloch (Tennessee)

That looks like a great selection of players the Jaguars could pluck from. If the stay is not granted and free agency immediately opens, likely under 2010 rules, this is what the free agent list would shrink to.

  • S Michael Huff (Oakland)
  • LB Barrett Ruud (Tampa Bay)
  • S Quintin Mikell (Philadelphia)

Not as sexy of a list, is it?

With the 2010 free agency rules in effect, it would require a player to have six years of service accrued to be eligible for unrestricted free agency. Players with five years of service are typically hitting unrestricted free agency under normal circumstances, but 2010 rules are not normal circumstances.

What Jaguars fans should really be hoping for is a new CBA in place before the end of June, so that a normal off-season program can begin.

The only way the stay being rejected helps the Jaguars? It should ramp up ticket sales a bit and let them actually add pieces in free agency, as limited as they may be.