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Daily Links - May 5

In the offseason we all know that the news can come a little bit slow but here on BCC we will try and provide a daily link dump. Today was one of the slower days but continue after the jump to get your Jaguar fix for the day.

Gaining value: Jaguars after the draft - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Free agency has the potential to change things. But after the draft, here are three Jaguars who are more valuable or more important than they were bef

2011 NFL Draft Analysis: Jaguars Blaine Gabbert
Scott Engel of spoke to new Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert at the 2011 NFL draft. A few years ago, when many NFL experts were heaping praise all over

Gene Frenette: Give Jaguars draft picks a chance to quiet critics |
A lot of BCS snobs are having a field day with the Jaguars’ draft. They’re emailing me or voicing their displeasure on the airwaves with general manager Gene Smith for taking four players from small-school programs, as if he’s purposely taking obscure college prospects just to show the football world how smart he is.