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AEG Says They've Spoken with the Jaguars

AEG, one of the companies looking to bring an NFL franchise to Los Angeles, recently said that they've spoken with five teams about a majority interest purchase and move to the Los Angeles market. According to the Orange County Register, one of those five teams is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tim Leiweke (AEG President), in confirming for the first time Anschutz's interest in purchasing a majority share of a team to return the NFL to Southern California after a nearly 16-year absence, Leiweke also said he has spoken with officials from five NFL franchises: Minnesota, San Diego, Oakland, St. Louis and Jacksonville.

"St. Louis, Jacksonville, not extensively, certainly Oakland, San Diego, Minnesota are still in the mix," Leiweke said listing the teams AEG has met with before adding: "We're not packing any (moving) vans right now."

Leiweke also said AEG is prepared to pay the cost of for an NFL franchise to get out of a current lease so as to relocate to Los Angeles.

I think it's worth noting the "not extensively" that followed the listing of the St. Louis Rams and the Jacksonville Jaguars. To me still, the most likely move candidates are the latter three teams mentioned; the Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers, and Oakland Raiders. Al Davis still considered Los Angeles his "turf" and it wouldn't be a massive trek to move the Chargers to Los Angeles.

Minnesota however, might be the most likely candidate. They would be the cheapest team to move, as they have no outstanding lease to payoff and the outlook for a new stadium in Minnesota is bleak as it stands.