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Lockout Bodes Well for Durant, Morrison

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a lot of holes on their defense. Let's face it, the defensive line may be the best unit they have on defense, and that's not saying much. To be fair to the line, those guys, for the most part, are very young, and they have a bright future. Going into the off-season, I didn't expect the Jaguars to re-sign Justin Durant or Kirk Morrison, but the longer the lockout continues, the odds of keeping around those two guys gets better.

John Oehser has tackled this topic on "The O-Zone," so; this may not be earth-shattering to many of you, but what used to be a solid conclusion may become reality.

Neither one of these two guys played all that well in 2010. Kirk Morrison was always a stop gap, but Justin Durant was supposed to be among the future stars of the Jaguars' defense.

Here's some news. The Jaguars shouldn't give up on Durant just yet. Justin Durant hasn't been able to stay healthy, but he's still very young, and he does something that can be hard to find. He runs. Every single play, he runs. Justin Durant is an effort player, and he's incredibly athletic. This is just me throwing out an idea, but maybe, just maybe Gene Smith should hang on to one, if not both, of these guys. There are too many holes to fill in one off-season, and they'll give the Jags the best chance to win in 2011.