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Rashean Mathis had how many missed tackle(s) in 2010?

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There's been quite a bit of talk in the offseason again about the possibility of sending Rashean Mathisout to cornerback pasture, AKA the free safety position. Generally, some older cornerbacks will make the transition as their age begins to catch up with them and I would wholly support the move if Mathis and the Jacksonville Jaguars chose to go that route. There have been concerns however, that Mathis isn't physical enough to play the safety position. Most notably, most feel that his tackling ability isn't up to par with what most would want as a safety.

Now, I've long believed Mathis tackling isn't quite near as atrocious as most fans make it out to be, and I'm delighted to finally have something quasi-tangible to support that belief. According to Football Outsiders, Rashean Mathis missed only a single tackle during the 2011 season, and by "missed" tackle I mean "broken tackle". According to Football Outsiders, out of 48 tackles in 2010, Mathis only had 1 that was broken.