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Jaguars Ranked 14th In Broken Tackles

While Rashean Mathis only missed one tackle during the Jacksonville Jaguars 2010 season, the rest of the defense didn't fair so well. According to Football Outsiders, the Jaguars ranked 14th in the NFL for most broken tackles. Honestly, I figured they'd have been ranked much lower than 14th. Out of 941 plays, the Jaguars defense had 55 that resulted in a broken tackle. That means that 5.8% of their plays had a broken tackle occur during the play. Overall however, the Jaguars notched 62 total broken tackles.

The Jaguars weren't the lone AFC South Team to make the list, however. The Tennessee Titans ranked 7th with 6.8% (90 total) of their plays having a broken tackle occur. The Indianapolis Colts (80 total) ranked 5th at 7.1%, and the Houston Texans topped the entire NFL with 8.1% (91 total) of their plays having a broken tackle occur.

So, at least the Jaguars were the best at something in the AFC South in 2010.