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Poll: There Can Be Only One (HIGHLANDER)

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Yesterday on Sports Final Radio on 1010XL, Dan Hicken and Jeff Prosser posed an interesting question. I caught wind of it on twitter (thanks to @Jpon) and thought it would make an interesting poll. If the Jacksonville Jaguars could sign only one "big-time" free agent, would you rather it be wide receiver Sidney Rice or safety Eric Weddle?

I know who I would pick and why I wouldn't pick the other, but I'll save that opinion as to not swing any votes in the poll. Both players are in the prime age of their careers ripe for getting long-term contracts. The only real question will be, once a CBA is reached will it be 4 years or 5 years to hit unrestriced free agency. If it's 5 years, then you've also got to give up a draft pick for Eric Weddle.

These two are likely both the number one free agent at their respective positions.

There can be only one.