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Jaguars Plan To Open Their Wallet in Free Agency

As they have echoed all offseason, the Jacksonville Jaguars plan to spend money in free agency on the defensive side of the ball. Head coach Jack Del Rio confirmed and reiterated that point once again last night during the "Night With the Coaches" event held at EverBank Field last night.

"Wayne made very clear he is going to be a player going into the free-agent market," Del Rio said. "We also believe until we have established ourselves, we're going have to use free agency to fill some holes," Del Rio added.

Obviously the two biggest holes on the defensive side of the ball are at the safety position and the linebacker position. I'd expect the Jaguars to target the likes of Eric Weddle, Quintin Mikell, or even Atari Bigby at the safety position. At the linebacker position, it's likely that Kirk Morrison is brought back to the team, but they'll also need to add another linebacker. As for the linebacker position, I'd look for the Jaguars to target the likes of Barrett Ruud, Paul Posluszny, Clint Session, and Stephen Nicholas.

It's possible the Jaguars could look at a premium defensive end, but I have a hard time seeing that after signing Aaron Kampman last season and spending quite a few draft picks on young defensive ends.