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Jaguars Don't Need a Superstar

There's been a massive amount of debate this off-season about whether or not Blaine Gabbert will be able to take over the Jaguars and lead them to a Super Bowl. It's a fair question, but as we all know, we won't know that answer for quite a few years to come. Here's what we do know. The Jaguars won't be requiring Gabbert to be a superstar to win a Super Bowl. Don't get me wrong. That would help, and I think it's a possibility, but the Jaguars running game has always dictated the way they play the game.

In all reality, the Jaguars need another guy that plays at the level Mark Brunell did. He was a mobile guy that could make all the throws, and he was efficient. David Garrard is a mobile guy, he can make all the throws, but he's only ever had one truly efficient year. David Garrard can take this team far, but his time is coming to a close. The possibility of winning a Super Bowl with Garrard seems to be very low, but I'm not even willing to write that off just yet.

I hate to drop this line, but the Jaguars need a guy that makes big plays in the clutch and manages the game well. That's really about it. The Jaguars will one day have a great defense again. I really believe that's where the team is headed, and when they get there, they'll need a quarterback that knows how to win games. Blaine Gabbert is the future of the franchise, and he'll either be remembered as a big bust or a great player.