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Elliot Harrison: Not Really

I put up a post last night hastily and in the moment where I called Elliot Harrison of NFL Network a "big dumb idiot". I'm man enough to admit when I say something stupid, and that was inappropriate to rip the person rather than the substance. I'm sure Elliot does ample research for his articles, etc. While calling him a big dumb idiot was wrong of me in the heat of the moment, it doesn't mean I feel his opinion on the Jaguars to LA thing any less illogical.

Simply citing "attendance issues" which is really only 1-2 seasons and lack of nationally recognizable rivalries and traditions is silly. If you're going to cite attendance issues as a reason, look no further than the Oakland Raiders who've had 68% of their games blacked out since 1995 (Thanks Joe). The past 5-6 years, the Raiders have ranked either 32nd or 31st in average attendance.

Also, to cite nationally recognizable rivalries and traditions for the San Diego Chargers as a reason to not move them is silly. You'd be moving them about 130 miles and 2 and a half hours north, in the same state, on the same side of the country. No rivalries would be disrupted. If you move a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars however, you've either got to keep them in the AFC South, with a bunch of east coast and mid-west teams, or re-align the divisions and upset something somewhere.

So Elliot, I apologize for calling you a big dumb idiot and ripping you rather than what you wrote. Instead of just completely taking down the post from last night, I'd rather publicly apologize.