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Report: Some owners are resisting potential CBA deal

Adam Schefter of is reporting that a "handful" of NFL owners believe the current parameters of the potential CBA deal do not address the original issues of the 2006 CBA that owners opted out of. Schefter reports that at least two AFC owners oppose the deal. Back in 2006, Ralph Wilson of the Buffalo Bills and Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals both voted against the deal. Jacksonville Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver voiced his displeasure with the deal, but he voted yes on it anyway.

Some of this resistance has caused the NFL to adjust its schedule next week, moving up the time of Tuesday's meeting and prepping teams to potentially have to stay into Wednesday. The league is bracing for internal negotiations and lobbying that will impact how soon football could return.

The surprise is that many thought this kind of pushback to a deal would occur within the player ranks, not among NFL owners.

In reality, the resistance has been there since March, when commissioner Roger Goodell was authorized in a vote of the owners to offer and negotiate whatever he thought was best for the league.

To me however, the fact that some owners are opposing the deal strikes me as it being a moderately fair deal for both the players and the owners. If you had all of the owners agree, I'd think that it would be an owner-heavy deal that the players would reject. In order to reach a deal, the owners need only a majority vote (75%). The new deal could be blocked however if at least 9 out of 32 owners vote no to the deal, effectively blocking it. The likelihood of 9 owners voting no though, seems very low.