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Possible Jaguars Free Agent Target: Stephen Nicholas

As the likelihood of a new collective bargaining agreement inches closer and close, we can actually start looking at potential free agent signings. A player I think is the possibility for the Jacksonville Jaguars is a linebacker who I think would slide right in and be a perfect fit for the Jaguars defense. Atlanta Falcons linebacker Stephen Nicholas just turned 28 years old, so his right in that ripe age bracket for being a long-term signing in free agency. Also worth mentioning is Nicholas is a local product, from Jacksonville, FL and played at Lee High School. He was a starter for the Falcons the past two seasons and was moderately productive.

Dave Choate of was kind enough to give me his take on Nicholas: 

The biggest positive with Nicholas is his versatility. He's capable of playing any linebacking position and doing so well. He's a quick athlete who moves well laterally and can cover tight ends in a pinch. He's a sure enough tackler, but doesn't add much as a pass rusher. Not sure if that's important to you guys or not.

As a starter, he's probably average, albeit with clear advantages in terms of pursuit ability and football intelligence. As a backup, he's invaluable because of his versatility and talent.The Jaguars would do well to kick his tires.