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Frenette: NFL Should Suspend Blackouts For First Four Regular Season Games

I hadn't really considered this subject and I was waiting to broach the whole "ticket sales" elephant when a new CBA was finally signed, sealed, delivered before I gauged how worrisome blackouts might be for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011, but Gene Frenette for the Florida Times-Union actually hits a home run in his article for the paper concerning the NFL's blackout policy. (THAT WAS A LONG SENTENCE).

The NFL should go one step further: lift the blackout rule for at least the first four regular-season games as a gesture to fans, many of whom are apathetic due to labor issues. The toughest games to sell will be early on because fans are livid at players and owners fighting over billions of dollars. So why not send a message to fans they'll be assured of having all home games televised for a little while?

The NFL says it cares about the fans. In these unusually tough times, temporarily rescinding the blackout rule would be a good way to show it.

Aside from this idea, Paul Kuharsky of ESPN writes that the league is already considering dropping the ticket sales requirements for preventing home market blackouts by 15 percent for a time.