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Jones-Drew isn't a fan of the Gabbert selection

Maurice Jones-Drew has never been the most quiet person and he hasn't been one to bite his tongue when he has an opinion to share either. He even made headlines in January when his comments about Jay Cutler via Twitter earned him death threats from Chicago Bears faithful.

So it really wasn't too surprising when he voiced his opinions about the Jaguars draft in April, saying that David Garrard is "our guy and is always going to be our guy." While they appeared to be strong words in defense of Garrard, they also sounded like things that a team captain should say about the man that would most likely be starting for the Jaguars in the fall.

Perhaps, though, his comments were taken to a new level on Monday when he spoke out again about Blaine Gabbert on NFL Network.

"I just feel like what we needed as an offense wasn't a new quarterback, we just needed another year amongst each other because we had a lot of new players come in," Jones-Drew said. "You see a team like the Patriots or the Steelers or the Colts, those guys (have) been in the same system for the 10, 12 years together, and so that's what we're trying to grow right now."

In the words of ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio, "Jones-Drew has stopped short of connecting the dots into a full-blown complaint....we wonder if/when he’ll ever go the next step and openly and publicly question why the Jaguars didn’t use those picks on acquiring weapons for Garrard."