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Possible Jaguars Free Agent Target: Atari Bigby

As the likelihood of a new collective bargaining agreement inches closer and close, we can actually start looking at potential free agent signings. It's no secret the Jacksonville Jaguars will be targeting a safety in free agency, the question is just which safety will they wind up with? A player I've been a fan of for a while that will be hitting free agency is Green Bay Packers safety Atari Bigby.

Brandon from gives us a quick scouting report on Bigby.

He's a hard hitting safety, and below average in pass coverage. And with many hard hitting players, he's had a lot of trouble staying healthy, missing big chunks of time over the previous three seasons with a variety of injuries. He's had some good INT stats in 2007 and 2009 by being in the right place at the right time for deflections, but I've never seen him play tight coverage. I've been a fan of his in the past because he was so much better than their backups. But they just had a solid 2010 season from Charlie Peprah, who was re-signed for two more years, and their 2010 3rd round pick Morgan Burnett should return to the mix after blowing out his ACL last season. Bigby is better than Anthony Smith, who he beat out in training camp a couple years ago, and they're similar players. He'd be an upgrade for any team looking for an average strong safety, but the fact that he's injury prone makes him a risky player to count on.