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Jaguars Marcedes Lewis, Possible Holdout?

When the NFL Lockout is finally lifted and the normal operations begin, don't be shocked if Marcedes Lewis is a no-show to the start of training camp. As Adam Schefter reported yesterday, typical unrestricted free agent rules are expected to be in place and franchise tags are expected to be in the new CBA if and when it's agreed to.

For a player like Marcedes Lewis, that's no good. "It's a catch-22, man. I want a long-term contract, and I know Jacksonville wants me there. I love playing in Jacksonville and who I work with there. But at the same time, who wants to play under a one-year contract? That's not cool," Lewis told Eric Edholm of Pro Football Weekly.

It's no shocker that after Lewis breakout 2010 season he's looking to lock up a big money long-term contract, and the Jacksonville Jaguars would be wise to oblige him. Outside of Maurice Jones-Drew, Marcedes Lewis is arguably the second best player on the teams offense. His year-to-year production in the receiving game has been on a steady up tick, while his blocking on the line has been at an elite level. He finished 2010 with 700 receiving yards and tying Reggie Williams for the Jaguars single season receiving touchdown record with 10 touchdowns.

When asked about being a holdout when camp rolled around, Lewis just told Edholm "Jacksonville knows what (it) has in me and what kind of guy I am, my character," he said. "They know I am going to give it every day. In the meantime, I just work hard and keep a smile on my face." I would however, expect Lewis to be a holdout if a long-term deal isn't reached before camp starts. His camp was none to pleased with the offer received before the lockout and being slapped with the franchise tag.