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Eric Weddle comments on Jaguars safety needs

It hasn't really been a secret that San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle could be a potential target when free agency finally begins. With reports that the new CBA will make players with four or more accrued seasons in the NFL unrestricted free agents, it would appear that Weddle will likely be available for the Jaguars to bid on. If Weddle's recent comments with Sirius NFL Radio's Adam Schein are correct, they wont be the only ones interested in his services.

"My agent has talked to over 10 teams that would be interested if I hit the free-agent market, so it is what it is. There are teams that need a safety and I would be excited and happy to help out any team that would want me. We will see what gets done, and when a CBA does get done, I’ll for sure come on with you guys and tell you guys how it is doing."

Later in the interview commented on Gene Smith's comments about the Jaguars need at safety:

"I know the struggles they had over the season at safety and everyone hears the news and what not," Weddle said, "and obviously their GM has stated that he wants to get a safety, so that could be a possibility."

I'd be shocked if the Jaguars weren't one of the 10 teams that have talked to Weddle, but that also means there are at least nine teams that would be interested as well. Weddle also said during the interview that he would continue to play for San Diego if the price is right.