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Friday Thought Drop


Another week gone. This summer is really truckin' along. There's been a lot more optimism this week about a potential CBA. That July 4th deadline that Jim Irsay mentioned awhile back may actually be really close to being spot on. Let's home it gets resolved in a hurry. As always (at least this off-season), news has been kept to a minimum around the league, but here are some random thoughts to keep you occupied.


The NBA is following in the NFL's footsteps. The draft was just held, now it's time foor a lockout! Oh, I just can't wait.

Here's our weekly update on the Jacksonville Sharks. They are 12-1, and they play the Tampa Bay Storm tomorrow night at 7:00 PM. The game is at Jacksonville.

There's been a lot of recent debate about whether the Jaguars should sign Eric Weddle or leave him alone. The way I see it is this. If the Jaguars sign him, they can focus on other holes on the team, especially linebacker.

There was a lot made of Maurice Jones-Drew's comments about Blaine Gabbert and the Jaguars' draft. It's all about perspective. The GM is paid to get this team good and to keep them good for a long time. MJD is paid to win now and for the rest of his career in Jacksonville, which at most is about 9 more years.

On the more comical side of things, Kenny Britt is claiming that his Facebook account was hacked, leading to some questionable remarks posted on the account. I'm claiming my SBNation account was hacked, leading to awful writing on my part. I promise, whoever did this will pay!

I know that wasn't much food for thought.... or thought for food. Anyway, have a great weekend, hope for a new CBA, and GO JAGS!