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Around the AFC South

In order to know your team, you need to also know your enemy. Let's take a bounce around the AFC South.

Why It's Important To Extend Chris Johnson Long Term. - Music City Miracles
Yes, let's continue to flog the dead equine and talk about Chris Johnson and his request to be extended for large sums of money. Even though everyone's pretty much spoken out on the matter already, I think I'm going to try to give it a go. To me, signing Chris Johnson long-term doesn't only affect how much of a threat our running game, it also affects the development of Jake Locker.

Chris Palmer Spends His Days Studying Film of Jake Locker - Music City Miracles
Palmer hasn't had a chance to actually work with Locker yet because of the lockout, so he has to spend his time studying Locker's film from the University of Washington. As you would expect, and as Wyatt points out, there are things to like about Locker's film from college and things that need work.

Gary Kubiak Says Coaches Are Teaching Each Other Since They Can't Teach Players - Battle Red Blog
Gary Kubiak's not going to let a little thing like not being able to coach players get in his way. He'll just coach the coaches.

The Great Leap Forward - Connor Barwin - Battle Red Blog
Putting the spotlight on Texans players who need to step up next season.

Stampede Blue Chats With Colts Safety Chip Vaughn - Stampede Blue
Because of the lockout, the Indianapolis Colts normal policy of 'no blogs' means nothing when it comes to access to players. Thus, Stampede Blue was able to secure some quality time with Colts safety Chip Vaughn, a third year player out of Jim Caldwell's old stomping ground: Wake Forest.

Peyton Manning's 'Football Cops' Gets Mixed Reviews From Some Fans - Stampede Blue
But, unlike Peyton Manning's Saturday night Live guest appearance in 2007, or his many hilarious Mastercard commercials, not all fans are laughing with the comedy in 'Football Cops.'