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Where Does David Garrard Rank Among QB's From 2008-2010?

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If you read, you're no stranger to the fact that they think higher of David Garrard than most. Most recently, PFF ranked the quarterbacks over the past three seasons. Khaled Elsayed gives us his top 10, based on how he interpreted the PFF scoring system.

I've used some of my own interpretations of our gradings for quarterbacks, weighing our rushing and run blocking grades for them as three quarters the worth of the passing grade. Everyone surely has their own interpretation, but that's mine.

Now, I'm not sure what rushing and run blocking grades have to do with ranking how you grade a passer, but maybe I'm just not understand what is meant by that... hit the jump to see where Elsayed ranked David Garrard.

8. David Garrard, Jacksonville Jaguars

One that may surprise some people. Garrard may often look laid back, but he has played better than most these past three years. The most disappointing thing is that he hasn’t maintained his level of play from 2008. Back then, he was vastly underrated because of the lack of touchdowns, now he’s just a little under appreciated because he’s still a top 15 quarterback. The protection issues of the Jags haven’t helped, but a better quarterback deals with that in a way Garrard hasn’t been able to. If and when the Jags move to Blaine Gabbert, Garrard would represent an upgrade for a number of teams.

Grade:  +120.88

Two other AFC South quarterbacks made the list as well. Matt Schaub of the Houston Texans ranked 7th and Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts topped the list. To note, not included on the list were Kurt Warner and Tom Brady because they didn't meet the minimum snap requirement.

Without looking at all the numbers and everything in front of me, I can't really argue for or against the ranking. Just looking at it, I'd probably put Joe Flacco above Garrard. Also, this line makes no sense to me whatsoever: "he hasn’t maintained his level of play from 2008. Back then, he was vastly underrated because of the lack of touchdowns." So.. his play has gone down since 2008, but he was underrated because he didn't throw enough touchdowns... ? What?

PFF does also have their 2011 projected player numbers (for fantasy football, I know) out as well. Jaguars quarterback David Garrard is ranked 32nd, with 2,464 passing yards, 15 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. Rookie Blaine Gabbert ranks 33rd with 1,000 passing yards, 6 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions.

So, the 8th best quarterback by their rankings from 2008-2010 is projected to be the worst fantasy quarterback in 2011.