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Fisher Could Return to the South

Is this the next HC of the Jacksonville Jaguars?
Is this the next HC of the Jacksonville Jaguars?

I don't know about everyone else, but I was disappointed when former Titans Head Coach, Jeff Fisher, stepped out of his role as one of the Jaguars' biggest rivals. While I would love to see Jack Del Rio be retained after the 2011 season, I would also love to see the Jaguars pursue Jeff Fisher as a replacement if Del Rio is fired. It may seem a little crazy now, but ask yourself; is it really that crazy?

Now I know that it's really early to start talking about replacements for a coach that still has a very good chance of keeping his job, but it's a fun idea that I couldn't risk losing. On top of that, if it actually happens, I can point back to this post and talk about how I saw it coming, etc.

Fisher isn't the only guy that the Jaguars could target if Del Rio isn't back for the 2012 season. While I think it's a long shot, the Jaguars could go after former Steelers Head Coach, Bill Cowher. Cowher is a high profile guy that consistently put the Steelers in the playoffs year after year for over a decade.

My last high profile potential candidate for a job that may or may not be available following the 2011 season is an extremely long shot. I'm talking about Mike Shanahan. Dan Snyder may be one of the least patient owners in professional sports, and I can't imagine Shanahan allowing himself to be micromanaged by a guy that doesn't know a lot about the inner workings of a football team, from a coaching standpoint of course. Also, I don't mean that in a libelous way; I'm simply saying that Snyder has never (to my knowledge) coached a football team.

Frankly, I think JDR will be back in 2011, but these are just a few big names to keep an eye on throughout the 2011 season. Fisher apparently wants to coach again, I know Shanahan wants to continue coaching, and everyone's been holding their breath to see if Cowher will get back in the game. We'll just have to wait and see.