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Around the AFC South


Which Rookies Will See Early PT? - Music City Miracles
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that I'm the only one who's still ridiculously high off of post-draft euphoria. It's kind of like the Opening Day jitters you get as a baseball fan, but it's lasted for about three months now. It's not really that I feel that all of these picks are in a condition to come in and produce immediately, but for the ones that are have me stoked.

Thinking About A Rookie Wage Scale - Battle Red Blog

You've all no doubt read that there has been some positive movement of late on the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Obviously we all hope that the two sides will come to an agreement soon so that the business of the season can start.  There are a lot of unknowns right now, but let's assume for one moment that a new CBA will happen.  

Best of NFL: AFC South players - AFC South Blog - ESPN

As part of Best of the NFL Week on, here are five bests for the AFC South: 


Report: Peyton Manning Is Working To Be Exempt From Franchise Tag - Stampede Blue
Just when you were starting to breath easy regarding the new proposed collective bargaining agreement, especially the notion that franchise tags applied prior to the lockout would be honored once the lockout is lifted, Mike Florio at PFT comes in and pours gasoline on your campfire.


Derrick Mason Says Peyton Manning Is 'Hands Down' The Best Player In The NFL - Stampede Blue
Aaron Rodgers was masterful during the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl run last season. Tom Brady was the league MVP, and the award was well-deserved. But the best player in all of football, the one everyone fears the most, is Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.


Reading Between the Lines: More Hints That the Jacksonville Jaguars Will Start Rookie Quarterback Blaine Gabbert | Jaguars 101
On the surface it looks like the Jacksonville Jaguars have the right idea when it comes to developing rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Bring him along slowly, don’t ruin his confidence and let veteran starter David Garrard show the new kid the ropes. Sounds great, right?