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Potential Jaguars Free Agent Target: Matt Roth

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We've been looking at some possible free agent targets for the Jacksonville Jaguars once free agency finally rolls around. The focus has been predominantly on the linebackers and secondary players, but I wouldn't be shocked to see Gene Smith make a play for a defensive end in free agency. One player who I think could be right on their radar is defensive end/linebacker Matt Roth.

Roth is likely to be the "other guy" at the defensive end/linebacker position once free agency starts. He's not a premier pass rusher, but he's better than anyone the Jaguars currently have on their roster not named Aaron Kampman. While Roth has bounced around at end and linebacker in the NFL, he could still be effective at one of the end positions. He's not like to pull a big penny in free agency, but shouldn't exactly be cheap either.

Another reason I bring up Matt Roth is because the Jaguars have shown interest in him in the past. When Roth was released by the Miami Dolphins back in 2009, general manager Gene Smith put in a claim. The Jaguars were one of six teams to put in a claim for Roth who eventually wound up with the Cleveland Browns.

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