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Daily Links - June 29

In the offseason we all know that the news can come a little bit slow but here on BCC we will try and provide a daily link dump so continue on after the jump to get your Jaguar fix for the day.

Depth and development on DL - Jaguars news on
All around him, Joe Cullen sees potential. Cullen, entering his second season as the Jaguars’ defensive line coach, said what means more than that now is fulfilling that potential, of taking another step toward becoming a consistently effective unit.  Cullen said he sees a real chance to do that this season.

Getting up to speed - Jaguars news on
The second of two stories talking to Jaguars offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter as coaches wrap up their off-season preparation for the 2011 season.

NFL defensive free agents will be in high demand - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Once the new CBA is completed, it’s expected that all players with at least four years of service will become unrestricted free agents, which was the case with the 2009 free agency rules. With last year’s rules, a player needed to have at least six years of service to become an unrestricted free agent. If 2009's rules are in effect in the new CBA, as many expect will be the case, we could see a record number of free agents, especially from the defensive side of the ball.

Best of NFL: AFC South coaches - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
As part of Best of the NFL Week on, here are five bests for the AFC South. - MJD's comments on Jags' QB situation not helping anyone
Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew needs a "no man." Don't feel bad, though, MJD; everyone needs one. A "no man" helps us resist the urge to say things we know are not going to benefit anyone by sharing.

Which of Pete Prisco's Top 50 free agents might the Jaguars pursue? |
CBS's Pete Prisco produced his list of the 50 best free agents if, as expected, unrestricted free agency returns for players with four or more years. Here's a look at which members of that list might interest the Jaguars and what Prisco says about each. We'll focus on safeties and linebackers since those are the Jaguars clearest needs.