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Jaguars 2010 Film Review: Week 3 vs Eagles (Second Half)

Following up on the first half of this game, the second half didn't get much better. Honestly nothing changed at half time and this team didn't give a glimmering hope of victory at any point. Unfortunately, this half didn't get much better and was a torture for fans. Enjoy the rest of this and reliving some moments

3rd Quarter
  • As what became a commonality in this game, a quick drive by the Jaguar offense results in a 3 and out, highlighted by a 3rd down pummeling of Garrard by Trent Cole, who was unblocked. This theme continued.
  • A back and forth affair of ugliness on both teams' parts continued. 3 and outs by both teams, including a sack by Juqua Parker on Garrard, made this game go by fast but no productivity. The Jaguars' offensive line was getting beat often.
  • A breakthrough, but not from the Jaguar perspective: David Garrard drops back on a 3rd and 15, and falls for the bait that is cornerback Asante Samuel. Garrard throws a comeback route, and, being Samuel's specialty, he jumps in front of it and gets an easy interception.
  • The turnover is punctuated immediately with a Michael Vick-Jeremy Maclin hook up over the top for a 45 yard touchdown where once again, David Jones is no where to be found and as usual, Considine is late in Cover 2 safety help. The thing is a vertical route is the perfect play against Cover 2 because once the receiver is past the corner sitting in the flat, the only player who's there is the safety over the top, and if he's too late, as Sean Considine was, it's an easy touchdown. 21-3 Eagles.
  • A Jaguar offensive drive stalls as fast as it starts, as usual. Garrard gets sacked (when did he not?) and Jones-Drew gets tackled for a loss on 3rd down and takes his frustration out on the sideline, having a heated argument with a few players. His frustration was apparent.
  • The Eagles offense takes over and puts the foot on the gas pedal, as they say. Immediately a 45 yard pass to DeSean Jackson over, you guessed it, David Jones gets the offense down the field fast. A safety blitz does its job and Considine sacks Vick the next play,  but two plays later, Vick drops back, takes off for 17 yards and waltzes untouched in the endzone. The lack of pressure made it too easy. 28-3 Eagles.

4th Quarter

  • Absolutely nothing of interest happened in this quarter. Some more sacks by the Eagles followed up but both offenses basically laid down and let this game end as quickly as possible.

Here are some key stats that tell the story of this game:

Philadelphia: 373 total yards, 267 passing yards, 0 turnovers, 7 sacks

Jacksonville: 191 total yards, 52 passing yards, 2 turnovers, 3 sacks

This was one of the most mediocre passing efforts I had ever seen. The Jaguars offense was beat in execution every step of the way. The crucial factor were those 7 sacks. David Garrard was on the ground on almost every play. Trent Cole, Daryl Tapp, and even backup Trevor Laws had a feast on the Jaguar QB. This game was embarassing and back-to-back losses never bode well for a teams' future or the morale of its players.

Fortunately, the Jaguars do bounce back the following week against the Colts. Finally a game to watch where I want to see every play because the outcome was in our favor.