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Salutations With Fun Scenarios

As some of you may have noticed, I recently took over the reigns at when Adam Stites returned to BCC. So, it probably doesn't surprise many of you that I'm leaving to focus on that site. I told Alfie that I would stay on till the end of the month, and here we are. I want this to be a little bit of a fun send off, so; I'll be highlighting the best scenarios that could unfold in the 2011 season. Here's a spoiler. One involves the Jaguars in the Super Bowl. It's been fun, so let's do this one more time.


  1. The Jaguars knock off the Colts twice in the regular season. How fun would that be? The Jaguars have never swept the Colts, and it's something they will likely have to do to stake a claim as the divisional titile. I don't necessarily think this is likely, but I think it is definitely plausible. If the Jaguars can do that, they'll be the AFCS champions.
  2. Colts miss the playoffs. What's better than the Jaguars making a playoff run? How about their arch nemesis missing the playoffs altogether. I'd love to see Peyton Manning sitting on a beanbag chair eating Cheetos during the playoffs.
  3. The Detroit Lions make the playoffs. I have a couple friends that are die-hard Lions fans. It's been a rough couple of decades for them, and I think they deserve a playoff birth. Besides that, the team is defiantly getting better, and I think they have a legitimate chance at a wild card playoff birth.
  4. Conference championship weekend: Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville, Detroit @ Green Bay. Just looking at that lineup makes me salivate a little. The Jaguars could be playing their old AFC Central rival, and the Lions could be dethroning the undisputed king of the NFC North.
  5. My final best scenario is a Jaguars, Lions Super Bowl. It would be a tale of 2 teams reaching the pinnacle after spending a few years of rebuilding. No, it's not likely, but it is within the realm of possibility. Of course, in my scenario the Jaguars crush the Lions by a score of 38-3, but that may be the least realistic part of the whole scenario.