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I Spell Devotion With Numbers

Many of you may have noticed that I post stories at some pretty random times (Midnight Thought Drop anyone?). That being the case, it should come as no surprise that I saw a tweet from Blaine Gabbert at roughly 5:38 AM this morning. It said simply, "4 mile run, before everyone is awake. Peaceful". Now, let's consider a couple of things. It's Saturday morning. That must mean that last night was Friday night.

*considering possibilities*

One of two things is happening here. Either:

A) The Jaguars drafted a QB that has no personal life, and therefore, has nothing better to do than get up very early on a Saturday morning and take a run.


B) The Jaguars drafted a guy that appreciates the little things in life like a "peaceful" run, and he's devoted to staying in football shape for when the lockout ends.

Considering that Blaine Gabbert was a top ten NFL draft pick, I think it would be a monumental accomplishment for him NOT to have a personal life. That being the case, I'm gonna go with option "B."

I guess Blaine Gabbert spells devotion "5-:-3-8-A-M"