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Daily Links - June 4

In the offseason we all know that the news can come a little bit slow but here on BCC we will try and provide a daily link dump so continue on after the jump to get your Jaguar fix for the day.

Morgan: NFL free agency 'blessing' | The News Star |
Former ULM defensive end Aaron Morgan came out of college at the right time. While the NFL lockout is prohibiting free agents from signing contracts with teams, Morgan already went down the free-agent path a year ago, signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars less than a week after the NFL draft.

More Than The Pro Bowl TE -
It would be easy to look at the Jaguars' tight end position and assume the presence of a Pro Bowl selection made it a strong area.  That would be correct.  What it wouldn't be necessarily is the entire story.

Kampman Anchors Defensive Ends -
As Gene Smith sees it, there's a lot to like about the Jaguars' defensive end position.  There's talent. There's youth.  There's experience.

Jaguars G.M. calls out 2008 draft bust Derrick Harvey | ProFootballTalk
Everyone loves a good draft bust, and through three seasons Jaguars defensive end Derrick Harvey has been one. The eighth overall pick in the 2008 draft, Harvey has eight career sacks in 47 games, and lost his starting job to fifth-round rookie Austen Lane last year.

Covering seats might become an official NFL policy |
When the Jaguars covered almost 10,000 seats in 2005, they received a lot of flak. Critics said it was a sign that Jacksonville couldn't support an NFL team. As it turns out, the Jaguars were just ahead of the curve.Covering seats — or at least shrinking the number needed to avoid a television blackout — is now on the verge of becoming a league policy.

Jaguars dismiss filing by NFL Coaches' Association |
The Jaguars became the second NFL coaching staff Wednesday to announce they weren't informed the NFL Coaches' Association was filing a brief supporting the players' bid to end the lockout."