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Jaguars Not Among Teams Cutting Pay

As the lockout continues on into June, while the 8th circuit court does it's thing and the high-priced lawyers get to high-priced lawyering, some NFL teams have decided to slash salaries and furlough some employees, claiming the lockout for a reason. This of course, makes absolutely no sense, given the lockout is owner imposed, incurring during a normal "non-revenue generating" period of the off-season even during normal "work", and the owners have known it was going to come to this since 2006.

Tania Ganguli of the Florida-Times Union reported a month or so back however, that the Jacksonville Jaguars would not be among the teams deciding to cut pay and/or furlough employees. I think it's a show of good faith by Wayne Weaver, mainly because he's just a really nice guy. I also wonder however, if it's a subtle dig by Weaver to some of the other bigger market owners who are slashing pay and jobs, citing the lockout and lack of revenue, while one of the smallest market teams continues on with standard operation procedure (well, as standard as possible given the situation).