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Around the AFC South 6/7/11

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Well it's been a tough week in the world of NFL news. Every teams' situation is at a halt and most of the time speculation is the only news. Still, I'll keep you up to date with anything new in the AFC South and here are the best links to go by.

Tennessee Titans

Titans defensive players are ripping the NFL's new ruling on defenseless players. I find this amusing, as players like Jason Mccourty and Gerald McRath are complaining, but the Titans defense hasn't been the most physical recently. Need I put in the video of Jones-Drew's nasty stiff arm on safety Michael Griffin after the Jags were running all over them? The picture above suffices. I find the constant rule changes to be a pester, and the complaints from physical players like James Harrison are warranted, but a pipsqueak corner complaining, come on.

The Titans' first round draft pick, Jake Locker, is going back in time, working out with former Jets pro-bowler Ken O'Brien. Maybe O'Brien's consistency in QB rating and his conscious effort not to turn the ball over will have a positive effect on the bootleg-happy, interception-prone Locker.

Houston Texans

Bleacher Report explains what reasonable expectations there are for first round pick J. J. Watt. Let's not let the expectations get too high. Let's not forget the defense that was dead last in the NFL last season. One player won't change that, maybe a few will.

Indianapolis Colts

Archie Manning expects his son Peyton Manning to be ready for the season after his neck surgery. I don't see why an all-pro, sure hall of famer would need his dad to speak on his behalf but once a football family, always a football family. He'll be ready to play I can assure you that. Peyton's hunger for success in this sport is almost unparalleled.