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Blaine Gabbert Attends Jaguars Player Organized Workouts

Players of Jacksonville Jaguars held a private workout yesterday at Atlantic Coast High School, and invited the media out to attend. I think my invitation was lost in the mail. A total of 28 players attended the workout, including all three Jaguars quarterbacks David Garrard, Luke McCown, and first round pick Blaine Gabbert. According to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union, there was no awkwardness between the three quarterbacks.

Veterans David Garrard and Luke McCown both huddled with Gabbert at times to give him pointers and there was no awkwardness, though Gabbert appears destined to win the job eventually.

Garrard even loaned Gabbert and Shorts one of his cars, a Mercedes, to drive around town because they're both too young to rent a car.

"I think it is worth more than every car I've owned combined, so I'm being pretty careful with it,'' Gabbert told Stellino.

Some notables absent from the workout yesterday: Derrick Harvey, Jason Hill, Kassim Osgood, and Tiquan Underwood.