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FOXSports Adam Caplan: Gabbert starting the Jaguars opener is not realistic.

Adam Caplan of thinks that Blaine Gabbert has missed too much time during the lockout to potentially be the opening day starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Gabbert could start Week 1, but it's not realistic considering he's missed so much time learning their offense because of the lockout. While Garrard is signed through 2014, the 33-year old signal caller is set to earn $8.475 million for 2012. This year could realistically be his last in Jacksonville.

As it stands, I don't necessarily think Blaine Gabbert will start on September 11th against the Tennessee Titans... given the season actually starts on time. However, I don't think it's unrealistic for Gabbert to do so. The Jaguars will give Gabbert every opportunity to beat out the current starter David Garrard, the real question is how much time will he actually have?

Caplan states Gabbert has missed "so much time learning the offense" because of the NFL Lockout, but realistically how much has he missed? If we were to go by the 2010 OTA schedule, Gabbert would have missed 8 sessions. In the past, most have referred to OTA's as "worthless underwear practice". Now with the lockout, we should suddenly act like the OTA's are vital in the installation of an offense? So are they important or not? I'm not sure 8 one and half hour sessions, and really only about 30 minutes or so of actual "plays" is going to negatively effect him to the point he's way too far behind.

Gabbert has had a playbook since the day after the NFL draft and the team went over it with him on the same day, so I think it's safe to assume he knows the terminology. He's also joined the team this week for organized player workouts (realistically... OTA's). As long as a new CBA is reached and there is a full training camp and slate of four preseason games, I still think Gabbert has a realistic shot to win the starting quarterback job. I expect David Garrard to be the starter on opening day however, barring Gabbert just tearing it up all through training camp if and when it begins.