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Around the AFC South 6/9/11, Important News Edition

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As usual, all the updates you need for the division today. On a side note, I'll be starting a new series that I'm going to enjoy and I hope you, the fans, do too. I will be sitting down and watching each Jags game of the 2010 season, in its entirety, studying the team's approach, tendencies, etc. in each game and how we fared. This will be more than a summary of each game as I'll go in-depth and study specific plays and whatnot, as well as just enjoy watching our team from last year, the high's and low's, as well as remembering my own emotions during/after each game. I hope you'll enjoy this series to come. The Broncos-Jags Week 1 game is already queued up and I'm ready to get to work. In the meantime, enjoy your links for the AFC South today.

Tennessee Titans

Star running back Chris Johnson is learning from last year and instead of missing workouts and pouting about his contract negotiations, he made a surprising appearance at a Titans' workout and is worried about maintaining his game-shape and being ready for the season rather than his contract negotiations. A positive for the Titans: 40 players attended the workout, a very high number.

With the completely revamped coaching staff for the Titans, the players don't have too much they can work on at workouts other than the basics, so that's exactly what they are doing. I would say the basics are better than nothing.

Indianapolis Colts

Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis are viewing the lockout as extremely detrimental to the young guys on the Colts,but count their blessings in not being in a position similar to that of the Titans, as there was no shuffling of coaching staff within the organization. They are optimistic the lockout will be resolved.

Houston Texans

Matt Schaub is taking on a leadership role encouraging players to attend workouts. It's nice to see the guy at the helm of a team take that role seriously. Also, an interesting piece included on the Texans' tendencies, especially the slow starts that put them behind in most games and required a comeback.