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Prisco: Jaguars and Eric Weddle Just Make Sense

I know one of the free agent targets that most Jacksonville Jaguars fans covet is safety Eric Weddle. I'd be inclined to say I'm in that camp and think he would offer a significant upgrade at a position of dire need for the long term. I was a big advocate for Weddle when he entered the NFL draft. Oddly enough, he was in the same draft as former Jaguars first round safety Reggie Nelson.

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports thinks that Eric Weddle and the Jaguars just makes sense.

Chargers safety Eric Weddle to the Jaguars: The Jaguars were terrible in pass defense last season, finishing last in the league in net yards per pass play, and they had a revolving door at safety. They do like strong safety Courtney Greene, but they need a ball-hawking, rangy safety. Weddle is that guy. San Diego would love to have him back, and they might get him back, but look for Jacksonville to make a push to get him if he's on the market. He's the type of player Jaguars general manager Gene Smith loves: Hard-working and not a troublemaker in the locker room. Oh, by the way: He can also cover.