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Around the AFC South

The Last Three Years: What Have We Learned? - Music City Miracles
We're at the end of an era. An awful, awful era, marked with heartbreak and defeat. I had high hopes for this particular snapshot in time, but those dreams were shattered as soon as I realized that my quarterbacks were, in no particular order, a geezer with good intentions and a dumbass with...well, they were intentions.

No Rings: Enough To Keep McNair Out Of The HOF? - Music City Miracles
One of the most frequent arguments I hear against Steve McNair's case for enshrinement in the Hall of Fame is the fact that he lacks what all players strive to achieve; the Super Bowl Ring. Forget for a moment that his stats were maybe worthy of consideration for Canton, let's just assume that he had stats similar to some of history's finest QB's who never won a championship like Warren Moon and Dan Fouts. Obviously, he'd be inducted as both of them have been, yet he still lacks a Super Bowl title, so he'd never be considered for the "all time greats" club" reserved for players who have (oddly enough) lesser stats, but a glut of Super Bowl rings.

Titans Veteran Collins Calls it Quits after 16 Years | Pro Football South
Kerry Collins announced Thursday that he would retire from the NFL. The 38 year old veteran was selected fifth overall in the 1995 draft by the Carolina Panthers. He was the first draft pick in the Panther franchise. Collins, who was a Penn State standout, won multiple awards in college including the Maxwell and Davey O’Brien.

Plaxico Burress likes the Texans - AFC South Blog - ESPN
Gary Kubiak recently told the Texans’ web site that he is fine with the team playing Kevin Walter and free agent-to-be Jacoby Jones in combination as its second receiver. But that doesn’t mean Houston isn’t looked at as a good destination by wide receivers. And one reclamation project -- Plaxico Burress -- has listed the Texans and the Jets as places he’d like to land.

Peyton Manning Doesn't Know If He Will Be Ready For Training Camp In 2011 - Stampede Blue
Because of the owner-imposed lockout, a player like Peyton Manning cannot work with the Colts team physical therapist as he recovers from his May 23rd shoulder surgery. As Chris Mortenson reports:

NFL Lockout Is Making Peyton Manning Uncomfortable - Stampede Blue
Freeman's answer (which did indeed clarify the Tweet fairly, for me), and the recent observations of another CBS sports writer, Larry Holder, show me that this whole lockout process is really pissing off No. 18. And, in some ways, Peyton's recent statements about not being able to rehab with his preferred physical therapist do display a lack of awareness on his part.