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Kerry Collins Retires, A Look at His History Against the Jaguars

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Tennessee Titans quarterback Kerry Collinsretired a few days ago. Collins held the epitome of a roller coaster career, beginning with the Carolina Panthers back in 1995, being selected 5th overall. He was a disappointing first round pick after leading the Panthers to the NFC Championship game in 1996, and played only 4 years with Carolina. He then moved on to New Orleans for half a season and then to the Giants for 5 years. On the Giants, he led them to a Super Bowl, but put up a dismal performance completing under 40% of his passes and throwing 4 interceptions.

He moved on to the Oakland Raiders for 2 years, then to the Tennessee Titans for the final 5 years of his career. Collins posted a 15-17 record on the Titans and was back and forth out of the lineup, trading places with Vince Young. Collins has a resurgence in 2008, but his career since then has jumped off a cliff.

Collins played 10 games against the Jacksonville Jaguars in his career, posting a 6-4 record. In those 10 games, Collins threw for 1,591 yards, 9 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions. I don't vividly remember all of the games Collins played against the Jaguars, but I do remember him never really having a great game against them. It always seemed like he "lucked" upon a win or just helped the Titans plod along to victory (i.e. 2008 and 2010 on MNF).

His overall career however, is much better than one would expect. Collins ranks 11th All-Time in passing yards with 40,441 passing yards for his career, with 206 touchdowns and 195 interceptions.