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Jaguars Offensive Line: Where do they rank on Pro Football Focus?

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Along with Football Outsiders, another statistics analysis group has popped up in Pro Football Focus. We've looked at some of their rankings before when looking at quarterbacks, but today we will look at how the view the offensive lines from around the NFL. In a collective ranking of all 32 teams, Pro Football Focus ranked the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line 19th overall.

19. Jacksonville Jaguars (2009 Rank: 23rd)

Run Rank 9th, Pass Rank 27th, Penalties Rank 16th

Jacksonville took the approach that drafting two offensive linemen early would leave them secure in the future in at least one spot. It hasn't, and while Eben Britton looked serviceable before injury curtailed his season the same can't be said of Eugene Monroe. As of right now, the talent level on this line doesn't come close to the level of investment (money and draft picks).

Best Player: It took him a year to get back to his best but Brad Meester was there in 2010 with a very good year, allaying fears he was done.

Biggest Concern: You can give Monroe more time, but what about Uche Nwaneri? He got a big deal and just isn't producing. Some of his performances last year were among the worst we saw from a guard. Consistency please.

I can't really squabble with the overall ranking, but I did raise an eyebrow at ranking the 3rd best rushing team in the entire NFL as the 9th best run blocking offensive line. Maybe a trivial complaint, but odd (to me) nonetheless. Oddly enough, I wouldn't say center Brad Meester was their best player, I'd give that title to left tackle Eugene Monroe, who after stuggling against Trent Cole and the Philadelphia Eagles pretty much blanked the AFC South's premier pass rushers.

I stronly disagree that Eugene Monroe is the biggest concern, to me that's the tackle opposite him in Eben Britton. PFF has long been down on Monroe and high on Britton, when I have the complete opposite feeling. I feel Monroe was grown as expected and should take a big leap next season, while I'm concerned with Britton's ability to handle the speed rush on the right side and comeback from his shoulder injury, amongst other injuries that have nagged him.

To get their rankings, Pro Football Focus looked at these categories:

We looked at three categories to come up with our rankings - Run/Screen Blocking, Pass Blocking, and Penalties - and considered starters as well as their backups.

I don't really understand why you would combine run blocking and screen blocking, since one is actually a pass... but it's their formula.