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Jaguars Land Two Current Players & One Former Player on Least Valuable List

Bill Barnwell from decided that since there were lists of the Top 100 NFL players and such making the rounds, he would do a list of the "25 Least Valuable Players in the NFL". The Jacksonville Jaguars tied for the most players on the list with the Cleveland Browns with two, but really took the lead if you count the fact that they originally drafted another player on the list.

So, who makes it?

19. Derrick Harvey, Defensive End, Jacksonville Jaguars

Harvey was finally benched last season after two dismal seasons. The former ninth overall pick has just eight sacks in three years, the lowest figure for any 4-3 defensive end taken in the first round who started 30 games or more in his first three years.

7. David Jones, Cornerback, Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars benched struggling corner Derek Cox for Jones after a poor start. Jones promptly helped Reggie Wayne to a 15-catch, 196-yard game. The Jags stuck with him for several more terrible performances before making him a healthy scratch for the second half of the season.

Hard pressed to argue against those two players NOT being on the list. The former Jaguar who made the list, though?

18. Akin Ayodele, Linebacker, Buffalo Bills

Signed after injuries beset Buffalo, Ayodele combined with Andra Davis (who also ended up getting hurt) to serve as the slowest group of inside backers in recent memory. Despite playing behind an elite nose tackle in Kyle Wiliams, the Bills still had the league's worst run defense with Ayodele at the helm.

What... no Don Carey?